Sunday, December 23, 2012

Direct Study From Nature

I recently read a article about Hudson River School Painter Asher B. Durand on the blog of acclaimed illustrator James Gurney.  Gurney writes:

Durand wrote that direct study from nature was the ideal way for the artist to transcend the limitations of tired compositional formulas, providing “the only safeguard against the inroads of heretical conventionalism.”

He defined conventionalism as “the substitution of an easily expressed falsehood for a difficult truth.”

Though I've never been particularly moved by the work of the Hudson River School painters, Durand's devotion to painting from nature really resonates with me and I feel a certain connection to his artistic convictions.  

Above are a couple of recent paintings done in the field as part of my continued attempt to grapple with those oh-so-difficult to express truths.  Though I'm not necessarily posting them because I think they are successful, but because they document the struggle and the journey.

Here's a link to the article:  Asher B. Durand

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